A Cat and a Convention

The Witch’s Cat” and “You Have to Follow the Rules” remind me of each other. (Teasers and themes ahead, and notes on character identity from mid-story, but no plot-event spoilers.)

Both short stories have a young protagonist facing a confusing situation that leads to affirmation and hope. Both surprised and delighted me as the stories progressed. 

The Witch’s Cat,” by Kalisa Ann Lessnau, in Daily Science Fiction

What would you do if the witch’s cat appeared on your doorstep?

I would love to know more about the witches in Lessnau’s world. I perceived the unnamed protagonist as female. Did you?

You Have to Follow the Rules” by Ada Hoffman, in Strange Horizons

Annalee finds her first convention overwhelming. Worldcon surprised me with its vast variety of things to do and see, so I was excited to read a story about someone having similar feelings. When I learned that Annalee has Asperger Syndrome, my heart went out to her. I can only imagine how much more dramatic her experience was.


A Cat and a Convention — 3 Comments

  1. Hi! Thanks for reading “The Witch’s Cat” and writing out some of your thoughts about it. I read “You Have to Follow the Rules” and yes, I can see where the themes of the two stories run parallel. Very interesting connection.

    • No further stories at the moment, but the world of “The Witch’s Cat” is certainly an open playground for me! I love the idea of a 1950s-era town where seeking out magic is on the errand list next to ‘get milk and bread’.

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