Dragon and Notecard at a Crossroads

What if you could re-evaluate your life’s past crossroads and choose a different path for your future? How can you decide what to do with a fabulous opportunity?

Two excellent stories recently published in Daily Science Fiction deal with this theme. (No spoilers ahead, just teasers!)

Breaking Orbit by Rachael Acks, in Daily Science Fiction

A dragon slides along train tracks and offers a welcome to the young woman on the platform. The train she expected would take her home to study for university entrance exams. What will she do? What should she do?

YA fantasy/sci-fi readers would enjoy this story, which takes place in Japan.

Note to Self by Hans Hergot, in Daily Science Fiction

When Thomas wins a contest, he gets to send a notecard with a six-word message back in time. What will he tell his past self?

You’ll find consumption of alcohol by adults in this story. I’m not sure whether the tale would interest teens; I think it wouldn’t interest most younger kids. For adults, though: wow. This story made me wonder what I would do if given the same choice.

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